Make an offering of lights, water, and incense with the mala around it. Pray the following:

Whatever spirits, traces of spirits, memories, or echoes remain in these bones  – I liberate you.
Take these offerings and go.

Rise with the incense (wave your incense ceremoniously and lift into the air)

Flow with the water (Pour a little of the water onto the ground)

And disperse with the light (hold the light aloft)


Hold the rosary between your hands and roll it around.


All composite things are illusions.

Aggregates made of aggregates

I honor the original purpose of this tool

And pay homage to those who made it

As all things are impermanent, I am cutting the thread

And in the name of Transcendent Hekate

Dedicating it to a new purpose
Cut the thread over a bowl so the beads fall inside.


IO HEKA IO HO (100x breathed over the bowl)


Sprinkle water onto the bones:

By the waters of Lethe your old purpose is unwound and forgotten.


Pass them through incense:




Breathe upon these bones and make them a fitting vessel for the dead and all powers of Hades and Hel.



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