Behind the veil of all the hieratic and mystical allegories of ancient doctrines, behind the darkness and strange ordeals of all initiations, under the seal of all sacred writings, in the ruins of Nineveh or Thebes, on the crumbling stones of old temples and on the blackened visage of the Assyrian or Egyptian sphinx, in the monstrous or marvellous paintings which interpret to the faithful of India the inspired pages of the Vedas, in the cryptic emblems of our old books on alchemy, in the ceremonies practised at reception by all secret societies, there are found indications of a doctrine which is everywhere the same and everywhere carefully concealed. Occult philosophy seems to have been the nurse or god-mother of all intellectual forces, the key of all divine obscurities and the absolute queen of society in those ages when it was reserved exclusively for the education of priests and of kings. It reigned in Persia with the Magi, who perished in the end, as perish all masters of the world, because they abused their power; it endowed India with the most wonderful traditions and with an incredible wealth of poesy, grace and terror in its emblems; it civilized Greece to the music of the lyre of Orpheus; it concealed the principles of all sciences, all progress of the human mind, in the daring calculations of Pythagoras; fable abounded in its miracles, and history, attempting to estimate this unknown power, became confused with fable; it undermined or consolidated empires by its oracles, caused tyrants to tremble on their thrones and governed all minds, either by curiosity or by fear. For this science, said the crowd, there is nothing impossible, it commands the elements, knows the language of the stars and directs the planetary courses; when it speaks, the moon falls blood-red from heaven; the dead rise in their graves and mutter ominous words, as the night wind blows through their skulls. Mistress of love or of hate, occult science can dispense paradise or hell at its pleasure to human hearts; it disposes of all forms and confers beauty or ugliness; with the wand of Circe it changes men into brutes and animals alternately into men; it disposes even of life and death, can confer wealth on its adepts by the transmutation of metals and immortality by its quintessence or elixir, compounded of gold and light.

  • Transcendental Magic, Eliphas Levi


I don’t know if the past few days’ magical work is what tapped me out, or the heat, or the incessant driving that occurs while shuttling my kiddo to and from camp all summer, but I was desperately tired today. When I got home, I passed out almost immediately. Dreamless in-and-out sleep. I attempted to get onto the treadmill when I got up, but only lasted ten minutes because the damn room is a sauna right now.

This evening, once I got my shit together again, I charged the box talismans with a lightning visualization and mantra during my Thursday Jupiter rite, poured whiskey for Jupiter and the Goddesses of Good Fortune (Maker’s Mark), and offered sage incense.

Afterwards, I moved to Hekate’s shrine, and performed my mantra. I cleansed the offerings in preparation for tomorrow, with the exception of the red roses.

As per the usual, LBRP in the evening to close the day.


Random thoughts:

The Mars infusion looks a little weird. Best hurry up and get those blades consecrated.

I need to figure out if my OTO dues are up to date.

I’ve got an Algol mirror and a talisman that need consecratin’. I’ve just got to decide whether to do both tomorrow, or spread them out a few days. Considering how tapped I am right now after the New Moon rituals, I’m leaning towards spreading it out.

Tonight’s reading: Liber Spirituum, edited by Adam Forrest.



I feel like I should be writing a post re-introducing my work, explaining who I am, where I am, and how I got here, along with a dedication of sorts, but fuck it: just write.

Last night was the new moon, and because of timing, I had a dark of the moon Hekate ritual back to back with a global Jupiter rite. I opted to do the Hekate rite during the Hour of Saturn, which – conveniently – butts up against the Hour of Jupiter. I set up an offering to Hekate of three hard-boiled eggs covered in honey, a glass of Cabernet, frankincense and myrrh, and a dozen red roses. For communion with Her, I have employed two 7-day candles in red glass, which seems to make all the difference in the world. I cannot emphasize enough the effect that colored glass seems to have on my working. It seems like a silly triviality, but the result is fantastic.

I performed the Opening of the Pylons and the Call to Hekate, and it was incredibly intense. I recited the mantra to Hekate one-hundred times, counting by the taps of my fingers, and had a long communion with her.

As an aside: being a Working Mom-Witch sure has its share of unique challenges. The work space I employed for the Hekate rite is underneath our house. During the ritual, I could hear movement upstairs, presumably my daughter or my dogs running around, and it threatened to distract at several points. It occurred to me that I didn’t mention to my husband that I was retreating to do this rite, and since it was close to bedtime for our daughter, he might be looking for me to help tuck her in. I shoved all that away as best I could, but I felt myself speeding up the mantra just in case.

Hurrying through things has become a bad habit – one among many bad habits I’ve cultivated over the past few years – that I’m hoping to break.

The communion with Hekate was extraordinary, and it’s not something that I think I can put into words effectively. In the ecstasy of the moment, I committed to making offerings every three days until the Full Moon, which falls on 18 August, and dedicated myself to her service and worship. Commentary on this forthcoming on a later date.

In the next hour, I performed the global Jupiter rite. The offerings were 15 year Redbreast, bay laurel from the garden, two hard boiled eggs, sage smoke, and cedar smoke. The lightning energy from the mantra was tangible and fantastic, but there was some slight stumbling elsewhere. The sage and cedar was being incredibly stubborn about staying lit, so I switched to a cedar incense stick. You gotta do what you gotta do.

I made a Mars-based infusion with ginger root, two species of Dragon’s Blood resin, bdellium, and three drops of my blood for use in consecrating blades, and left it on Hekate’s shrine for her blessing.

I closed the night with a LBRP. Magic is good medicine.


This evening, I performed the Opening of the Pylons and the Call to Hekate once more, along with her mantra. Afterwards, I assisted my husband with the global rite of Jupiter, and I performed it again, too. We charged two box talismans dedicated to the planet, and I closed the night with the LBRP and BRH.